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For over 5 years, I was a World Artist at Carbine Studios on the MMO WildStar. WildStar takes players on an adventure to the mysterious planet of Nexus, and my job was to bring that planet to life. Using our proprietary world building software, I sculpted mountains, built forests, constructed towns, decorated interiors, spruced up caves, and painted lush environments with texture and color overlays. We had dedicated prop and structure teams who built the actual 3D assets I used to populate the world, and we also had a lighting team to bring vibrant life and color to the skies. In the following pages I will be sharing with you my work on the planet Nexus including zones I have built, terrain I have painted, small vignettes I have nestled into existing zones, and set dressings I have done for interiors and housing. I hope you enjoy the wolderful world of WildStar through my eyes :)

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2016 ~ Kristy Moret