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Algoroc is one of the 6 - 14 zones of WildStar on the Exile faction side. Algoroc had been through several iterations before me when I finally inherited it, and the work I am showcasing here is what ultimately made it into the shipped game. One of the unique things about WildStar is the ability for us to paint color as an overlay to the ground textures we would paint on to the terrain. This allowed us to create fine color detail and give the illusion of terrain features while keeping the ground flat enough for players to safely fight battles on. In Algoroc, I sculpted and re-sculpted many mountains, rebuilt the towns of Tremor Ridge and Gallow twice, and carved a giant hole in the ground to serve as an Eldan excavation site. It was as much of an adventure to build as it is to play!

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2016 ~ Kristy Moret