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About Me

Ahoy there! My name is Kristy Moret, and this is my portfolio.

I've loved creating art since I could first hold a crayon. I covered my room with art, taping up my drawings everywhere. I've since progressed from simple crayon renderings and have jumped into digital art in all of its forms.

Video games have been my passion for almost as long as drawing. Whether it was Carmen Sandiego or Myst, I spent many hours at my computer adventuring and casting spells left and right. As soon as I discovered it was possible to go to school to learn how to make games I was on it, and I graduated from the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Game Art and Design. That same year, I went on to work at Carbine Studios where I was a World Artist for WildStar until 2016. I am currently on the hunt for new adventures! If you're looking for an artist that works well in a team, has great communication skills, understands technical jargon and can write a super detailed bug in JIRA, I'm your gal :)

I am a fan of all sorts of different types of games, from fantasy role-playing games to sci-fi shooters, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for adventure and action-adventure games, the very first type of games I played. I also love platformers and my favorite game of all time is Psychonauts. My current rotation of games includes The Witness, Civ 5, The Sims 4, Guild Wars 2, Disgaea 5, Firewatch, Minecraft, and Dungeon of the Endless. Besides video games, I also enjoy reading, writing, Magic: the Gathreing, and baking delicious sweets to share!

You can find me on:

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!

2016 ~ Kristy Moret