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Car Town Racing

I have spent a year at Glu Mobile as a Senior Level Designer on Car Town Racing, a mobile racing game set in a universe where race tracks featuring huge jumps for midair tricks and high-tech portals that teleport you to exotic locations are the norm. I was charged with building fun races balanced for a variety of different car classes (such as drag, off-road, and drift), designing and rapidly prototyping new tracks, creating a spec and track piece designs for a modular track building system, and modeling 3D tracks and track pieces. I also helped with setting up the timing for triggered events on our tracks, for example nearing the volcano will cause it to begin to erupt and fiery rock debris will rain down on the track. The most important part of designing these tracks and putting them together was ensuring that all road pieces offered opportunities for fun gameplay regardless of what pieces they were connected to or how they were dressed, as we would end up using these same modular pieces over and over to build a wide variety of tracks. As we continue adding to the game, I will design new track pieces and events that take advantage of the different strengths of our car classes as well as fit in with the somewhat fantastical nature of the game. We already have future biomes and tracks planned, and I will update this page with beauty shots from actual races as the game arrives in beta later in March 2017.

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Pre-Planning for Custom Tracks Before Modular Decision
These images showcase track designs and builds from our pre-planning process, before we decided to convert the game into a modular track system. Some of the track sections from these designs ended up becoming modular tiles for our final track system.

Modular Track Designs
These images are track layouts built after our decision to go modular. I designed many of the track pieces to ensure we had a wide variety of turns, slopes, jumps, and fun set pieces to suit each biome we would have for launch. I assembled each track in Unity and fine-tuned each one to ensure it played well and would work with our cars at various speeds as well as with different handling values and drift proficiency, etc.

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