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Grinning Kitchen

This scene was created based on concept art by Derick Tsai. It was created using a variety of tools including 3DS Max, Photoshop, and it is shown as it appears in the Unreal Development Kit.
When I first saw the concept for this piece I knew right away I wanted to build it. The stove in the center had so much personality, it looked to me like it was smiling. I spent a lot of time hand painting all of the little details in the scene and every single texture was painted from scratch. My favorite part is probably the "eyes" of the stove, I felt that they really helped bring it to life.
In total it took around 32 hours to complete this scene, including modelling, unwrapping, hand painting textures, and setting up and lighting the scene. It is built up of 5,016 quads/9,587 tris.

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2016 ~ Kristy Moret